OPINION| Personally I think the parents failed their children who died in a tavern

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We can talk a lot about this, this country needs a government that can install law and order and bring back discipline this is a messed up country under the ANC which can't even run anything successfully, we cannot crush crime without crushing a criminal state in some well-run countries even the parents would be charged for negligence, sort out the entire politics and get leaders who are serious about governance issues

But the truth is before under age children embark on a night out parents must ask important questions and even ensure their safety by going to the place that was arranged for celebration to ascertain its safety, today we hear that the government must take action which or what action did the parents take to ensure that their kids are in good company and at the right place, it goes both ways if you ask me yes we have unruly and untrustworthy kids but for an under age kid you are obligated to find out. There was a parent doing rounds here on social media who went to fetch her daughter from a party, dragging her to come back home dhe was avoiding this dilemma it is so painful for an under age kid to die at a tavern even shameful. It must be a lesson to us all that we need to take precautions go to the police station if you must in order to avoid this kind of premature deathsGovernment must take action for undisciplined children and nonchalant parents, the laws distinctly state no under 18 in bars, casinos and they are not allowed to buy alcohol or cigarettes parents get a grip and take care of your kids they are not your friends harge the parents for neglect, the discipline and care starts at home we need to bring back the basics of discipline as a society otherwise these terrible tragedies will continue 

But we can not throw all the blame to the tavern owner, police and government, what role have you played as parent to ensure that your child is home by seven, what role have you played in teaching your own kids about the consumption of alcohol and it's consequences, the tarven owner is a reckless business man by selling to kids underage yes, but by ten in the evening when you do not see your kids do you sleep and brush it off, or do you call or go look for them let us not blame the government for everything pleasehttps://www.thesouthafrican.com/news/breaking-east-london-deaths-tavern-licence-revoked/?utm_term=Autofeed&utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Facebook#Echobox=1656239097


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