Latest Calls for 2022 Elections Delay May Make Uhuru’s Camp and Atwoli Happy


It may have started as murmurs, but increasingly the talk about postponing the 2022 Kenyan General Elections has become harder to ignore.

COTU boss, Francis Atwoli, is one of the notable faces who for months have been spearheading the calls for the August 2022 elections to be moved to a later date.

Recently though, a sizable group of legislators have thrown their weight behind the calls for the polls to be delayed. 

The legislators, led by Ndaragwa Mp Jeremiah Kioni are planning to present their case at the High Court.

That will indeed make Atwoli and the president and supporters happy.

As reported, the main reason why the legislators want the 2022 elections postponed is to give the IEBC ample time to complete the process of boundary delimitation.

As well, there have been other reasons fronted before for the support of elections postponement.

For instance, if the BBI Amendment Bill was to go to the referendum, IEBC will face planning and logistical nightmare to organize a credible and verifiable election.

It has also been argued, the IEBC is presently ill-prepared to handle the upcoming elections since the recruitment process for the vacant 4 commissioners’ posts is still ongoing.

In the meantime, we will have to sit back and see if enough momentum gathers that eventually manages to legally push for the realization of election postponement.