Lilian Nganga Calms Speculators of The Man Responsible For Her Alleged Pregnancy

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Former Machakos county first lady Lilian Ng'ang'a has continued courting controversy since her divorce with Alfred Mutua a month ago and immediate occupation of rapper Julius Owino alias Juliani on the space left by Mutua.

Earlier today, the sassy ex-county queen hinted on her social media pages that she was pregnant. An unsolicited announcement that spread across the internet at a breakneck speed while attracting all kinds of reactions.

Hundreds of curios netizens were left guessing on who was responsible for the alleged pregnancy given that her relationship with Juliani is barely one month old since it became public.

To silence the determined speculators, Ng'ang'a has further noted that she is the only one with information on who the father of her unborn child is, and that should not bother anyone.

It should be noted that Ng'ang'a and Mutua terminated their 11-year relationship without siring a kid although Mutua is a father of three grown up children whom he gave birth to with his first wife Dr Josephine Thitu.

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