Why Catholic Priests Wear Rings Yet Not Married



The pope who is the head of the catholic church has a conspicuous ring that is worn by other clergy members starting from the bishops to priests. Many wonder why they wear those rings yet most times it's meant for people who are married.

Since they serve the church in their vocation of holy orders they have dedicated all their life and service to God hence it's a symbol of their daily commitment to the church as they are like married to the ministry.

The Reverend Bishops of dioceses have a special ring that they wear that shows and gives them authority after being endorsed by the pope from the Vatican. This symbolizes the authority that they have.

Just the same way that Catholics wear the cross to portray their devotion and faith towards their God it's also a symbol of the connection they have with the saints especially those they have a relation to. On the rings there can be curvings of the saints and Catholic symbols to remind them of their devotion to the church.

Some of the rings signify their missionary purposes for those who studied to be missionaries and different congregations will have their unique identification.

Which other things that you people see about priests that you may want to know more about?

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