What Online DNA specialists have Noticed On Jemutai's Kid. Could Hamo Been Played?


This photo of Stella Bunei alias Jemutai with her kids has been the current trend as Kenyans tries to defend Prof Hamo as Jemutai alleges that her children's daddy don't take care of them. The girl as seen in the photo clearly resembles the mother. However, Kenyans have been left wondering as to why the boy don't resemble neither the father nor the mother but resembles Hamo's friend Sleepy David who is also a fellow comedian to the two.

The two celebrities have been currently the talk of town after Jemutai raised an alarm claiming that Hamo has neglected their two kids and that they are greatly suffering. This public indifferences between these two comedian is getting noisy and much messy with each passing day. However, Kenyans have not been left behind in giving their views concerning this issue.

Netizens have sparked mixed reactions concerning this baby look.

Sheri. "Hey hapa kiliimbiwa uyo mtoto mkubwa job"

Rachel. "Baba yao mwenyewe"

Maggie: "Prof Hamo is innocent walai"

Below are some reactions of some Kenyans.

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