Why Huddah Monroe Is Not Hitting The Headlines Anymore


Huddah Monroe pupolarly known as the boss chick has been in the wind since the beginning of last year and today we are going to see why.

She is a Kenyan socialite, entrepreneur and travel junkie who is known because of her beauty and the fact that she does not fear saying whatever comes to mind.

The socialite decided to reduce her engagement with social media so that she could concentrate on her business of selling beauty goods.

She also wanted to reduce the pressure that came with being on the spotlight all the time. "People are always in your business finding something to talk about," she said.

Currently she is in the United Arabs Emirates where she is spending most of her time vacationing and visiting the many tourist attraction centres for example the Miracle Garden.

Some people speculated that she had become broke but that's not the case she just wanted to have a life of her own away from social media.

As long as she is happy in her new normal, we wish her all the best.

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