During the Week vs Weekend: A slay Queen motivate Mzansi after she reveals her hustle

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A slay queen who uses the name Sjava on social media has wooed Mzansi after the reveal her side hustle. A tweeter post captioned "During the Week vs Weekend" reveals that she sells tomatoes and doesn't need money from any man to buy her drinks on weekends.

The post which has gone viral has earned more than 30 thousand likes at the time of writing this article. However, her post has attracted divided opinions with some questioning why she would spend all her hard work on alcohol some are giving her kudos for empowering herself instead of waiting for the government to create jobs.

Here are some of the responses to her post:

@miss_mongalo: Am I the only one who took this post as her showing she can easily transition. As in look homeless today (via attire) and slay tomorrow? I mean 2nd frame doesn't even prove that's her own money she is spending.

@Caspa: People are missing the point...yooh..at least she can afford to buy herself some things not to wait for a man to do that. l salute you

@MugabeDaylight: Are the people who are dictating how she should spend her money for me. I mean, most of them don’t even know her personally. You guys must heal.

@TshifhiwaMavhu: The lady works for her own money, she slays with the money she works for herself, you out there judging how she is supposed to spend it and you the very same people who'll be judging her if she is slaying with the money she gets from amajita mos, she on the right track.

@SihleTheKing: She probably got all she needed and she wants to have fun just like everyone. I don’t get this noise about her wasting hard-earned money on alcohol like they know her bank balance.

Sources: https://twitter.com/Bestmvle_Sjava/status/1483433311825453056

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