"Tutawanyoa Bila Maji" William Ruto Fires at Opponents in Embu, Amid New Opinion Poll

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Deputy President William Ruto has continued with his mobilisation tour in Embu county today. He has today addressed residents at Kanyuambora in Runyenjes Constituency, Ishiara Market in Mbeere North and Siakago, all in Embu county.

Speaking at the rally in Saikago, Ruto assured his followers that Raila Odinga, whom he referred to as 'mtu wa kung'oa reli na vitendawili' is not strong enough to challenge him at the ballot.

''Tutamuangusha asubuhi na mapema na tutawanyoa bila maji," said the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) party Leader to a very excited crowd.

The DP's rally in Saikago was charged with excitement to the extend that he had to request residents to please pause singing "Ruto, Ruto, Ruto" in order for him to address them.

He assured residents of delivering on Big 4 agenda when he takes office. He blames the stalling of the program on Raila Odinga invading and destroying the Jubilee party.

Ruto's movement seems to be picking up pace, with his countrywide tours seen to be yielding results, if an opinion poll released by Radio Africa is anything to go by.

The poll shows that DP William Ruto is the preferred candidate with 46% support, up from 43% in July this year. Raila Odinga, according to the poll, comes second with 28%, up from 14% in July.

However, if polls were to be held today, no one of the two would win with a 50%+1 required to be declared the outright winner.

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