Say These Prayers Before Going To Church Service Today, For Divine Open Door

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Divine open door is very important in the life of every human being. Whenever God opens a door, no man closes and when he shuts it, no man can open it. That's why we need to pray to him before stepping out today for church service in order to unlock every doors to our breakthrough. Let's pray:

King of glory we worship you for who you're, thank you for all you have done in our lives, in our families, receive all praise and glory forever. For the gift of life that we have received to he able to see today, we say hallowed be your name forever.

Cleanse us from all our shortcomings and renew us by your strength, grant that all we do may bring glory to your name. And so do I pray for you, as you step out today, Sunday, 21st August 2021.

May God open every shut doors against your life, destiny in the name of Jesus. May God be with you and bless you with all you have asked him. You will never meet your death today. What killed many will not be found around you. Receive grace to excel.

May today been Sunday be filled with God's blessings for you and your household. May God show you mercy and bless all the works of your hands today. You will never be an object of scorn. I seal your life with the blood of Jesus, you shall not loose anyone this year in Jesus name. Thank you father in Jesus mighty name I pray, Amen and Amen.

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Article credit: Ozirity Gospel

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