Step Into Ahmednasir Abdullahi Mega-mansion Fit for a King [VIDEO]


Renown Lawyer Ahmednassir Abdullahi gave Kenyans a rare insight into his palatial home.

The home has a swimming pool for the lawyer to cool off whenever he feels like.

The parking lot boasts of some of the finest machines including a Bentley Bentyga, Mercedes G-Wagon, Range Rovers among other marvels of engineering that make him cruise in style.

The compound has well-manicured lawns with flowers dotting the humble abode of the Grand Mulla.

The lawyer made his fortunes from his law firm which he revealed focuses on commercial and constitutional law.

“My law firm is not a blue-chip company. We don’t act for banks, we don’t act for governments or parastatals. We act for ordinary Kenyans, the guys who walk in We don’t do criminal law.

The home is tended to by his wife who was born in South C and who holds a first-class honors degree in IT.

“I tell guys she got first class in IT but I told her not to work because we need someone to work at home. She is full-time employed” He added. Watch the video below, Courtesy of NTV.  NTV.