Pictures Of Bishop Dag Hewerd-Mills's Wife That Proves She Is A Beautiful Woman Of God


In our world today, being a servant of God Comes with alot of challenges and criticisms, but only a few men and women of God reaclly reach the point where nothing gets to them, while they spread God's love and mercy to the world. Behind every great man, is a woman who never quits on him, and that has been proven by "Rev. (Mrs) Adelaide Hewerd-Mills", who happens to be the wife and soul mate of "Bishop Dag Hewerd-Mills's Mills", the founder of "Lighthouse Chapel International", which has over a thousand branches around 66- countries

Rev.(Mrs) Adelaide is a beautiful preacher of the gospel and counselor to the people of God, she is known for her energetic ways of engaging the youths in activities that's draws them closer to God and an educationist who never stops to share her God given wisdom with the world. She is in charge of all the primary health care centres, orphanages and other humanitarian services which the church provides to communities across the country. 

Rev. Adelaide is one known to be the backbone of Bishop Dag Hewerd-Mills, as he himself has not failed to admit this fact to the world, because she is full of the word and is known for her beauty and good fashion sense. Check out some of her beautiful pictures;


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