What to do if you lose your certificates

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It is normal for school certificates to get lost. Just like any other document they are delicate and could easily be misplaced. For people who loose them the process to acquire new has been made more complex. Close to impossible to acquire duplicates. Hence raising the question on what one should do in case they are lost.

The ministry of education and through the respective department gives a detailed procedure in what to do incase one falls a victim. Visiting the respective body involved in certification e.g KNEC, KASNEB or NITA. These bodies will help you trace your certificate code through your exam year from their database. By paying a certain amount of money, some of the exam bodies would previously help in giving out a duplicate certificate. Today things have changed and the ministry gave an order that they only write a letter which will serve the needs at hand at that given moment.

If you loose them forget about a new certificate and focus on the probavility of studying again. The best way to keep your certificates Is through the internet. Here you scan them and upload them to your email account and can always retrieve them any time they are required. Students and especially graduates have an obligation to keep their documents safe and free from damage.

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