Rosemary Ndlovu was not remorseful in her involvement in the killing of her relatives: Judge

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Source: SABC

A former police officer was arrested in 2018 after puncture surgery. Judge Lamarmo Monana reiterated that convicted serial killer Rosemary Nomia Ndlov did not show remorse for being involved in the killing of her relatives. The judge said Ndlovu must be excluded from society. 

On Friday , Ndlovu was sentenced to life imprisonment for all six charges of murder. She was also sentenced to five years in prison for violating her judicial objectives and ten years in prison for fraud. 

Ndlovu was convicted of murdering five relatives and her boyfriend to collect insurance benefits. Judge Monana ruled at the Palm Ridge of the Johannesburg High Court. 

"Murders 1, 2, 7, 9, 10, 12-Madara, Witness Hom, Maurice Mabasa, Zanele Mosa, Audrey Ndrov, Maeni Mashaba, Brilliant Machego murders, each defendant is sentenced to life imprisonment It counts as, "says Monana. Criminal scholar Elmarie Myburgh says Ndlovu is classified as a serial killer. 

After her verdict in October, many in Mpumalanga felt Ndlovu from Bushbuckridge and did not show remorse during their murder trial, and courts reported on the six murders she committed. You should blame them severely. 

"While she was in court, you could see her angry with her eyes, no regrets at all. Nothing is more important than her family ... my brother is very It's important, so what about society if you don't care about your family? There's no mercy or harsh punishment, "says one resident. 

"Rosemary Ndlov can be thought of as the person who committed the crime, but if you look at her birthplace, you can see that she is from a rural area. She left Bushbuckridge for Johannesburg.

When she went looking for money, unfortunately she went to the casino and had a friend who didn't advise her accordingly. If there were people who could give her the right advice, she would be her mother's You'll think about it, "adds another resident.

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