The US Mission To Nigeria Just Made An Announcement On Nigeria, See What They Said

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The December period is a time where most families travel to their hometown to spend the season with their loved ones.

It is a time of relaxation after a long year, most times the period bring the opportunity for people to see friends and family members who have been away for a long time, that is why even the federal government has a special day set aside for that.

The Federal Road Safety here in Nigeria also warn all those that would be traveling for Christmas to be mindful of roadsigns, as well as drive safely to avoid getting hurt. One of their message to Nigerians is that no one should think he knows it all, the road you knew a few months back, or a year ago might under some changes which you are ignorant about.

To stay on the safer side, don't over speed in areas you are new to or place it's been long you visited.

In the same vain the United States has issued a security alert to all it's that would also be traveling during this period, as well those residing in Nigeria, to be careful with the way they go about their daily activities, that the present situation in Nigeria is not that conducive due to the crime, and high rate of insurgency.

See the Message from the official page of the U.S Mission To Nigeria.

"Holiday Security Alert: We remind U.S. citizens to exercise caution while traveling and residing in Nigeria. Crime is endemic throughout Nigeria, ranging from petty street crime to carjacking, and crime levels tend to increase during the holidays."

They hope that their citizens living in Nigeria and Nigerians, in general, will be safe during this trying period.

See Reactions from Nigerians.

@Nedu "Same way we remind Nigerians to be careful while traveling to America.

Proud Boys, empowered by a racist president, litter the streets looking for whom to harm.

Everyone bears guns and no one is sure of when the next person goes into a school or church to start shooting."

@Blessed "Have you advised Nigerians to be careful about traveling to the US due to the unending riots ravaging several US states since before the elections of November?

Did you caution especially Nigerians (black people) about police brutality in the US?"

@Ozo "@MBuhari well done, Nigeria has moved from number investment destination in Africa to most unsecured country in Africa. Thanks to the major general in Asovilla. @USinNigeria tell John Kerry and Obama that the govt they installed through manipulation is doing marvelous well."

Nigerians need to do more if they want people from other countries of the world to feel safe in their land, this will not Only give them calmness of mind but as well attracts more foreign investors into the Nigerian economy.

What are your thoughts on this, drop your comment in the comments section below.

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