Countries that celebrated Nigeria during her 61st independence anniversary

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Many countries felicitated with Nigeria on the commemoration of her 61st Independence anniversary celebration on Friday, 1st October, 2021. Some of them pledged to support Nigeria in fighting insecurity and terrorism, improve health systems, strengthen democratic institutions, and bolster economic growth by strengthening the bilateral relations with Nigeria at all fronts.

Among these countries are the United States and the French government.

United States:

The US secretary of state, Antony Blinken, who on behalf of the United States Government and the people of America, congratulated Nigeria on her 61st Independence Day anniversary, pledged that, US would continue to support Nigeria’s efforts to fight terrorism, Insecurity among others, and strengthen her democratic institutions.

He disclosed that, there has been a strong relationship between the United States and Nigeria, which is based on a shared spirit of entrepreneurship as well as a shared commitment to democracy. "We value Nigerian leadership on some area which include: African peace and security, building back a more inclusive economy, putting an end to COVID-19 pandemic, reducing greenhouse emissions, creating a clean energy future among others, a we will continue to support them. The United States looks forward to expanding our relationship over the coming year and advancing our mutual interests," He added.

The United States Ambassador To Nigeria, Mary Beth Leonard, while felicitating with Nigeria, appreciated her leadership in the region, and also praised her for standing up for the integrity of democratic nations in West Africa.

French Government:

The French Embassy similarly, in a congratulatory letter signed by President Emmanuel Macron, to Nigeria in Abuja on Friday, described Nigeria as Africa’s leading economic and demographic power.

He disclosed that the number of Nigerian students present in France has been increasing at a sustained rate over the past three years, stressing that they can contribute to the growth of Nigeria and the development of ties between the two countries. "The creation of the Franco-African Business council which met last June at the palace of Versailles, hopefully will allow the birth of many more structuring projects between French and Nigerian companies," he added.

President Macron however stated that, the two countries can do even more together, because "France and Nigeria share many common interests, both on regional, security and global issues, and he therefore hope that they would intensify their exchanges on all these subjects."

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