Nyali Mp Mohamed Ali leaves entire School smiling after doing this to students


On Friday May 21 Nyali Meamber of Parliament suprised many when he presented a cheque of Ksh492,000 wich was a school fees for all 123 students in Mohamed Ali Girls Secondary School in Mla Leo Nyali constituency.

"As i promised earlier today i paid a vist at Mohamed Ali Secondary School in Mla Mleo and presented a cheque of Ksh492,000 school fees for the entire 123 students. Elimu ndio Nguzo,"The Mp stated.

The was opened in January 2020 becoming the first girl school in the region since indipendence.

"When i came to power in 2017 i found only in the entire Nyali, So i promised to pay school fees for every school that i had bult," Ali stated.

"From 2018 to date, school fees has been catered and we have not had any problems of students being sent home for fees," He added.

During the institution lunch Mohamed Ali faced alot of critscim for naming the school after himself.

" Across ages and history, great and reformist leaders never left their names on any city, street or bulding, some even left a will that their bodies be burried in secret places so as not to be used as shrines. But in Kenya small tinpot dictators put their names on public project," Stated lawyer Donald Kipkorir.

However Ali noted that the decision to name the school after him was reached by the community and not him.

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