Forget About the Triangle, Design a Kitchen With These Work Zones.

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Atleast all of us have heard of the golden triangle; a kitchen design that ultimately forms a triangle between your most frequently used appliances like the stove, sink and the fridge.

However, from the existing statistics, with the introduction of kitchen islands, stove-tops, wall ovens, and open-concept layouts; this isometric design is not always practical in today’s kitchen.

Therefore, instead of using the normal kitchen triangle, i am going to provide you with the most efficient kitchens result when designing a layout around these 4 work zones.

Work zone #1 – The Prep Zone

This is the counter top and standing space in your kitchen. It's the zone that hold what you need to regularly prepare for a meal.

Work zone #2 – The Serve Zone

In many occasions, this zone crosses paths with the prep zone where you have prepared and cooked your meal. That being said, you have finished cooking and are ready to serve. The zone contains Dinnerware(plates, bowls), flatware, drinking glasses and stove.

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