Why Pastor Abel Damina is wrong in saying God did not tell Noah to build an ark.

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Pastor Abel Damina is a Nigerian pastor popularly known for his controversial messages, as he is always releasing revelations the contradicts the Biblical teachings of the church.

He is an author, founder and senior pastor at Abel Damina Ministries and Power City International, Uyo, Akwa- Ibom State.

Pastor Damina recently revealed in a video that is currently trending online, that God never told Noah to build an Ark, to carry animals and people who heed the warning of God's impending judgement on earth at that time, so that the entire creation will not be lost.

He said the ark Noah made was just to make physical and communicate the actual revelations God gave to him.

This message is directly contradicting the Bible which reveals that God specifically instructed Noah at that time to build an ark, to harbour animals and people who are willing to believe Noah's prophecy so that they will not be destroyed in flood.

In Genesis chapter 16:13-22, we see that God gave Noah specific instructions on how he will construct the ark, we can see statements like Make thee an "Ark" of gopher in verse 14 and the length of the "ark" in verse 15.

"Make thee an ark of gopher wood; rooms shalt thou make in the ark, and shalt pitch it within and without with pitch.

And this is the fashion which thou shalt make it of: The length of the ark shall be three hundred cubits, the breadth of it fifty cubits, and the height of it thirty cubits" Genesis 6:14 and 15

How can this preacher now claimed that God didn't instruct Noah to make an ark when God mentioned the ark seven times in the instruction he gave Noah.

The Bible recorded the detailed instruction God gave Noah, so we can see that Noah didn't just construct the ark out of his human knowledge, he acted on divine instructions.

What do you think about pastor Damina's claims?

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