Use These Plants And Crystal Salt To Protect Yourself From Spiritual Attacks

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Plants have contributed to the better living of man, both physically and spiritually. People used most plants to heal themselves from a lot of affliction in the olden days till now. Whoever disrespects plants disrespects his or her true nature because plants also make the world a complete chain.

In this article, I shall see my readers through how to use the Basil leaves, Spiritual water, Guava leaves and Sea salt to protect themselves from all sorts of spiritual attacks. The following are some benefits a person will derive from these directions when performed amicably;

  1. Protects your economic activities.
  2. Saves you from spiritual marriage.
  3. Attracts good luck.
  4. Attracts positive energy.
  5. Purifies the spirits in the sight of man.
  6. Creates opportunities to your way.
  7. It also helps to attract customers your way.

Laziness is the only barrier that can stop a person from performing these activities efficiently. Also, the brain behind the performance of this ritual. Because it works efficiently, I shall advise my readers to take care of how they perform this ritual.

Directions To Follow

  1. Half fill a bucket of water.
  2. Add at least 30ml of the spiritual water to the water in the bucket. Preferably, Florida water.
  3. Count and add some crystals of sea salts to the water depending on the number of characters your day of birth contain. Example Monday has six characters.
  4. Take a needle and create holes in the Guava and the Basil leaves and drops them calmly in the water horizontally till they settle under the water.
  5. Once this is done, cover the bucket with white cloth for not less than thirty minutes and recite Psalm 48 till the thirty minutes is due. (This is where the lazy ones are fished out).
  6. Once this is done, send the water to the bathroom and throw it on your body.
  7. Leave yourself wet until the water on your body dries up completely. Don't smear your body with pomade or any form of body lotion.
  8. Remove the leaves from the floor and put them under your pillow and sleepover them overnight.
  9. Remember to pray for less than thirty minutes before sleep because prayer is the key.
  10. For efficiency sake, it is therefore advised to perform this direction for a week.

Readers are to know that, this rite works depending on how strong your spirits respond to external forces. The more sensitive your spirit, the faster the result but works for low sensitive spirits as one continues to perform such rites as days pass. Note: Lazy people are excluded because it will not work for them.

I believe this was helpful to my cherished readers. I will be answering every question directed to me in the comment section in case of any confusion somewhere in this article.

Thank you so much for your time on this article. Please motivate me to do more for you by commenting, sharing and following me for more articles.

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