You Will Surely Love The Collection Of Some Beautiful African Print Neck Piece And Capes


Ankara also known as African print have come a long way. Before now, it was limited to elderly people using it as a two piece wrapper and blouse to go out. Some use it to sew, while some tie one piece to stay at home.

But not anymore. Nowadays, the younger generation have taken over the African print and Kente. They use it to make beautiful cloths for themselves. I have even come across wedding dress Ankara and it look beautiful.

What I am trying to say here is, Ankara or the African print are used for variety of things like bags, shoes, purse necklace and other unique neck pieces or capes. That is what I will be showing you today.

Designers and tailors are really going out of their way to create these amazing neck pieces and cape.

Beautiful capes

These fashion accessories are well loved by even Western women. A friend of mine who is a designer ship many pieces every once in a while as soon as the order piles up. She send to countries like US, UK, Ireland and more.

Another lovely cape below:

Who wouldn't fall in love with these? They look gorgeous and beautiful. It can be rocked to anywhere. You just have to find the perfect outfit for them.