Muvhango: Mpho's biggest family secret is out and everyone is surprised.

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It's not just raining for Mpho but it's pouring, Mpho lost her newborn baby now the secret from her past is threatening to destroy her. 

It's chaos when a long kept family secret comes out. 

What happened is, Mpho had a baby with her high school sweetheart when she was in her teens, when her parents found out about the pragnancy they hide her until she gave birth, and pretended the child was theirs, hence the child calls Mpho sister, 

The problem will start when Ndivhu Mpho daughter got sick. 

Her family tried everything, but night Terrors continued to bother Ndivhuwo until Lindelani who stays with her in Venda calls Tshenolo and spill the beans, he will tell him he has a daughter who is sick and needs to be introduced to her father's ancestors. Baby Dad will be very shocked and he will plan to lure his daughter Ndivhuwo to JHB. 

Back in Venda Ndivhuwo will find a man online who stays in JHB and. She will ask to visits her sister Mpho in JHB so that she can see his online boyfriend. When she meet this man Ndivhu will realised she's been catfished, Tshenolo will tell her he's her real father and that Mpho is her mother. Tshenolo will decide to take his chances and see if He, Mpho and Ndivhu can be one big happy family, He was never approved by Mpho's parents because of his financial status now he want to make up for lost time. 

Guys Tshenolo is the Guy who was portraying Sepati's boyfriend Bohang on Scandal, if you know him you will know Muvhango is about to be lit. 

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Source of information [TV plus magazine, Sanelyf Channel YouTube]

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