Consequences To Arteta If He Loses To Chelsea In Their Hottest Derby Before Meeting Guardiola.

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Arsenal are looking forward to having their first win as they host Chelsea at a packed Emirates ground for the first time in 18 months.The Gunners are desperately in a campaign of their first win in the league season after losing their season opener against newly promoted Brentford 2-0.

Moreover it hasn't been good for coach Arteta following the current pressure from the impatient fans who are upto better game results.

"We know inorder to beat Chelsea,we need to be perfect.Both individually and collectively,we have to have an extraordinary game.The focus is on that and we are going to need the help of our fans."Arteta said.

But what will happen if he loses on this tough much?

With latest speculations,if Arteta can't turn the club's fortunes around quickly,he could be soon replaced by the former 52 year-old Inter Milan coach Antonio Conte.

Unlike Arteta,Conte is a kind of another nightmare that could befall Arsenal's board management since he doesn't like anything unless he gets what he wants.This is what Arsenal fans admire.

Arsenal could be forced to atleast gain points against The Blues since their next Premier League match is more dangerous as Arteta will be facing his former boss Guardiola in a tough clash.

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