Netizens Criticize Diamond Platinumz For Wearing Crusifix Necklace


Nasib Abdul Juma Isaac popularly known by his stage name Diamond Platinumz is a media mogul and one of the most successful musicians in Africa. He is currently in America finalizing his album that he is expected to launch soon.

His mother, Mama Dangote continues to update fans on how the artist spends his time there. She shared through her Instagram account a short video of him in blue suit , stunning shoes as well as eye- catching ornaments.

Fans were happy for Diamond Platinumz and admired him for the fashionable grooming.

However, most of the netizens singled out the crusifix necklace on him. What seemed as an ornament like any other was not treated lightly by them. They wondered as how he could come up with the idea of flaunting with Christian-oriented sculpture while he considers himself a muslim. The fans harshly reminded Mama Dangote that she has a duty to spiritually guide her son.

Check out the netizens' reactions on the post:

What are your thoughts on Diamond Platinumz on wearing a crusifix necklace? Don't you think the netizens were simply overreacting? Let me know on the comment section below.

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