Is she Truely Missmalaika Queen? Jasmine questioned over her Authenticity for Dressing Provocatively


The 2020 Missmalaika Queen Jasmine Djang has Tarnished the Image Beauty Queens and Disgraced herself for wearing a Proactive Dress, instead of Gracing the VGMA Event.

Jasmine Djang the reigning Missmalaika queen should be raid off her Reign and transfer the Title to the 1st Runner, Up Olga Karn Aduama. 

This is due to the negative perception she has created around herself during the 2021 VGMA. 

It was an eye saw to see a reigning Missmalaika queen dress in such a sexually explicit dress at the just ended VGMA Awards. 

In our Ghanaian culture, it is absolutely a big deal for someone to be called a queen. 

As a queen, you must exhibit a certain level of decency and maturity in your dressing as well as your glooming in general. 

A queen must wear elegance and royalty and exude an amount of composure especially when in a role to grace an occasion like VGMA Event which is of international repute and very significant to the public interest. 

Here in Ghana, traditional queen mothers are easily identified because of the way they dress. As a queen, it is extremely important to demonstrate and uphold dignity. 

And one of the most important areas to show this is through your dressing. 

This is because, first impressions are as important and the moment you fail to make a good first impression, you deny yourself a valuable opportunity to make impact. 

Most people are denied great opportunities due to the bad impression they made of themselves and this situation mostly are as results of a person's grooming, especially the dress they wear. 

Again and most importantly, a queen must dress to represent the Ideals of her Crown. 

And in Jasmine's case the Missmalaika Pageant. 

One of the major requirements of Missmalaika Pageant is that the contestant is of "African" origin. Other requirements are that the ladies are high school graduates, and have no "breast implants". 

This is indicative that, anyone who should be crowned "Missmalaika" will be able to project the African values, culture and principles. 

But you failed to hold up this valuable values as a queen. 

Many people on social media have rather hailed and praised your first runner up for decently dressing in a Ghanaian print with a modest style. 

You were there to present an award and graced the occasion not to disgrace yourself with your overly cosmetic adornment. 

So people are asking, for what reason and with what intentions did you have for choosing to wear such a sexually provocative dress. 

Was it for publicity or for the trends on social media. 

The same people you perhaps tried to impress are so angry at you for exposing your body as a queen.

If it was for any of the above mentioned reasons, you could have still achieved it positively. 

The young people are watching you, so please, next time try and be modest in your dressing. 

Note that, the meaning of the Crown you wear is "Angel" ie Malaika means an Angel in Swahili language and that is the origin of the name "Malaika". So try and be like one.