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According to statistics, we have already lost 43% of African lions and are on the verge of eradicating all elephants in our lifetime due to poaching and habitat destruction. Fortunately, there are those who are so passionate about animals that they can't stay away from the poaching situation. Dean Schneider, a successful young Swiss guy, resigned his work, sold everything he owned, and moved to Africa with the goal of helping animals in need in 2017.

We've learned more about Dean's life-altering decision and the incredible rescue work he's performed thus far.

He gave up a promising career, and sold everything he had to help animals in Africa.

Dean Schneider, of Zurich, Switzerland, has always had a passion for animals and wildlife, and he has always been a strong supporter of numerous animal protection projects. Following his passion for wildlife, he decided to leave his job as a financial planner and sell everything he owned in order to launch his own enterprise in South Africa.

Dean claims that his family and friends were first hesitant to support him, but that once they learned how important it was to him and how serious he was about it, they eventually accepted his new lifestyle.

Dean created an initiative in South Africa called Hakuna Mipaka, which means "no bounds" in Swahili. Hakuna Mipaka is a huge sanctuary that has taken in a variety of abused creatures, including captive-bred animals, wild rescues, and free-roaming animals. Many of them were rescued from private zoos where the creatures were maintained in deplorable conditions by those who bred them.

People frequently ask Dean why he doesn't release some of these animals into the wild, and his response is simple: captive-bred animals can't hunt, and they can't survive without human assistance.

Poachers have put the whole species of African animals at risk

There are people in Africa who breed animals in captivity for the sole purpose of profit, keeping them in deplorable conditions and failing to provide adequate care, and this is unfortunately not the only threat that African animals face today. Thousands of creatures have already perished as a result of poachers, some of which are on the edge of extinction.

“Poachers sell animal claws and teeth on the black market for a variety of reasons, including superstition and traditional medicine. And these are sold both in the United States and in Asia,” Dean explains. “Major issues include a lack of human education and a lack of understanding of animals.Although there is no scientific evidence, there is still a widespread belief that dandelion and animal claws can cure many ailments'

So far Dean has rescued dozens of animals and has done a lot to educate people and raise their awareness.

The sanctuary's 400 hectares are guarded by six armed security guards who keep poachers at bay, and those animals who are fortunate enough to get access to Hakuna Mipaka find themselves in paradise. Every animal that comes to the refuge is inspected by a veterinarian and treated as needed. Rather than being kept in cages, the animals are housed in large camps with trees, grass, and natural soil.

So far, Dean and his team have saved a lion named Dexter, who was rescued from the awful conditions of a lion breeder and turned out to be the sweetest cat ever, and a hyena named Chuckie, who, despite the scary reputation of hyenas, is extremely sociable. Many other animals live in the sanctuary, including raccoons, monkeys, snakes, iguanas, and cheetahs, to name a few.

Dean is on a mission to educate people about the risks that these magnificent creatures experience as a result of humans, in addition to saving and caring for them. He regularly shares educational movies about wildlife in order to "bring animals into people's hearts."

“My goal is to teach as many people as possible about nature and the wonders of the animal realm. To influence people's perspectives and rescue animals, I believe in the power of information, passion, and visual stories,” Dean adds.

What are your thoughts on Dean's decision to leave everything behind and dedicate his life to rescuing animals?

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