PHOTOS : Amaizing Transformation of a Celebrity Who was Ruined By Cracks


A photographer shared a video of a beautiful girl, Amanda, who was devastated by crack on his YouTube channel a while back.

The video went viral, and Soft White Underbelly explained that the aim of sharing it was to inform people about the dangers of drugs.

People began to demand that Soft White Underbelly send Amanda to a rehab center so that she could receive adequate medical treatment and regain her health.

She became homeless as a result of her crack addiction and a lack of financial resources for mental health care.

I'm happy to report that after 6 months in a rehabilitation center, she is finally on the mend. Amanda is now recovering and has made significant progress.

I'm overjoyed that Amanda seems to be getting healthier and stronger. She will be discharged from the hospital shortly.

Amanda aspires to be a licensed medical assistant so that she can support others as well.

A fan wrote on Twitter;

“Wow! Do any of you remember Amanda? Her story had a big impact on me, and I'm so glad she's doing much better now! My heart is hot, and I'm overjoyed! it's great for her.”

“I figured she'd be dead by now,” wrote another.

“God is awesome.” from another fan.

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