Pics| inside Ntando Duma's birthday celebration

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Actress Ntando Duma celebrated her birthday yesterday in rich Durban. Lasizwe Damduza was also on attendance together with Junior Lavie a host. Ntando took to social media to announce her birthday party. Her friends Simz Ngema and Nadia Jaftha commented and said 'friend it's still your birthday'. 'Our birthday is not over' said Simz.

Ntando turned 26 on the 29th of August and a month later is still celebrating. Ntando is a mood for us all. After her party she said took to Instagram to say thank you to everyone for coming out and said she will be celebrating the whole year!

They got dressed at an air bnb and headed off to rich Durban. The party looked great. They had a welcome and Lasizwe and Ntando where dancing and having a good time.They had a great turn out.The club was packed.Check out the pictures below from the party.

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