"I am looking for true love" - Hairy lady cries out


The world is full of surprises indeed. Some people come into the world with amazing features. When we see people with some peculiar nature, we are amazed and we keep wondering why they look like that.

Meet one of the hairest ladies in the world who resides in Lagos, Nigeria. She is called Queen Okafor and she is 28 years of age.

According to Queen, she has received adulation from people due to her extraordinary hair. She has taken to her Instagram page and here's a post she wrote: "I'm looking for love". It's likely possible that Queen may not have found true love yet, however, she is in a relationship.

At one time, Queen Okafor spoke to the Nigeria Newspaper pleading with the Non-Governmental Organizations(NGO's) to come to the aid of people with rare disabilities as hers.

Queen explained how it felt like to go out in public. "People look at me embarrassingly whenever I step out", she said.

According to her, hair growth is very common in her family. She revealed she wasn't that hairy until she reached 21. That was the moment when she started experiencing hair growth all over her body.

Though she feels proud of herself, how people treat her cannot be overlooked. She therefore wants people to treat her like a human being.

Granted, putting ourselves in Queen's shoe, we can imagine how painful she feels. There's no reason to look down on people for possessing some flaws or defects. Remember, it's not their fault that they were born in that way.

Therefore, we need to treat them with a measure of respect, love, and care. This way, they will feel more comfortable.

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