Men are asked what they look for in a woman

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Today's modern woman is smart, educated, beautiful, strong, independent, a good mother, a leader, a good cook, nurturing, humble and so many other things. Men were asked which of these qualities do they look for in a woman. Their answers were interesting. Check them out.

Mahlatse wants an assuming woman who is very put together, unpretentious, selfish and who is not afraid to laugh an knows how to handle business.

Howard wants a quality peach.

Kedima doesn't want much, just her love.

Zolani wants a woman who is true to herself and has mastered the art of the spiritual realm.

Lentseba wants a nice cake, standing breasts, cleanliness, natural woman.

Governor wants money.

Ronny wants brains, respect and beauty.

Piletsi wants respect only.

Elliot doesn't want a woman who is on the phone a lot.

Lazarus wants respect and manners.

Rex wants a God fearing, humble, independent, respectful and goal driven person.

Phetole wants money

Kayden wants only a peach.

Phuti wants a Gid fearing woman.

Sway wants S

Prince wants a woman with a bank account, good inflow, good balance sheet, who is pretty and has a good sense of humor.

Lufuno wants beauty and brains.

Lincoln wants respect and loyalty.

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