Our Natural Order Is Not To Go the Barber Every Weekend To Have Bald Heads - Kojo Twum Boafo


A member of the NDC communication team and a former Executive Secretary of the Free Zones Board, Kojo Twum Boafo, has said that as Africans, it is not natural to visit the barber every weekend to have a haircut due to baldness.

Twum Boafo made this statement as a panelist on 'Good Morning Ghana' this morning,1st June 2021, when he hailed the judgment by the Accra High Court in favor of the Rastafarian students.

According to him, the source of this brouhaha is a perception that Rastafarian are weed smokers, but when we listen to their music, we don't complain.

"Our Natural disposition as African is not to go the barber every weekend and have bald heads. All the three of us sitting here have bald heads that not the natural order of Africans. Our hair is part of our identity as Africans." - he said

He added that it was wrong for the school to discriminate against the Rastafarian students because of their hair since we have a lot of bald people who smoke weeds.

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