"Welcome Home" Moses Kuria to Hold a Mega Thanksgiving Rally in February

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Moses Kuria has announced his return to the country after months spent overseas. According to a banner uploaded online, the Gatundu Member of Parliament will hold a Thanksgiving ceremony on February 19th for his personal and, he adds, national recovery. The poster sparked enthusiasm among Kenyans, who expressed gratitude to God for mending the embattled legislator. Many stated that the MP had been missed and that his return was timely, particularly in light of the 2022 general elections.

"God has cured you, Mhesh; you have witnessed and felt his marvels; therefore, live for this God, for you have witnessed what only he is capable of!"

"Mûno ti gûkua kûrûara. You overcame it, and here you are bearing witness to God's work. May the heavens accept our thanks for mending you! We are content."

"We have missed you, Jamba. You're welcome to return. I'm sure you'll return brimming with wisdom, given the amount of time you've spent with it. God is yours. Thaai Mutha, Thaai Gikuyu"

At Thanksgiving, his political future is expected to be determined, including whether he would defend his seat or not, as he previously stated. He is also expected to clarify whether he intends to reconcile with former ally William Ruto as he makes his way to Raila Odinga's Azimio.

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