"Don't Blame The President Because You Are Also Corrupt And Incompetence - Kwaku Addai Tardieh


Kwaku Addai Tardieh writes: 

Anger against politicians is mainly borne out of UGLY AND STARK HYPOCRISY!!

The young man who cheats in his exams is angry at politicians.

The doctor who extorts money from poor patients by forcing them to come to his private clinic and pay 5 times the Govt hospital cost for a surgery or procedure is angrily calling the politician a thief. 

The Customs guy busily extorting money from traders and Elubo, Kotoka, Aflao etc is calling the politician a thief.

The teacher who is forcing students to buy his pamphlets and also INTENTIONALLY leaving some topics out in class and teaching it only in his private classes is angry at the politician.

The headmaster and matron who are conniving to short-change on food supply to the boarding school is calling the politician a liar and a Thief.

The civil servant at GES or CAGD who extorts money from teachers to correct their salary anomalies (like they did to my mum many years ago) is calling the politician a thief.

The nurse who claims there is no bed but miraculously finds a bed when 200 Cedis changes hands also has that temerity to call the politician a thief.

The Engineer at the District Authority or Met Authority who connives with the contractor to do a shoddy job for kickbacks also has the effrontery to call the politician a thief. 

Should we continue with the police , anti galamsey military, etc ? 

Most annoyingly the journalist who takes payments to do positive stories for politicians or negative stories about his opponents also calls the politician a thief.

People should spare our ears with that HYPOCRISY. We are NO DIFFERENT from politicians. Politicians don't come from space. They are like all of us. 

Even JHS students have their parents helping them find apor before BECE and we say who is corrupt and a Thief?

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