Alinur Mohammed Traces Grade 6 Pupil Who Went Viral And Gift Him These Together With His Family

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The standard six pupil who was spotted doing his homework using a street light ,went viral on social media ,but now he got a reason to smile with his family as businessman famously known as Alinur Mohammed help them with these commodities .

According to alinur Mohammed they traced the bright young boy who is known as Salim Khamisi a grade 6 pupil from jola urabinprimary school in shanzu mtwapa.

The boy said he want to be a pilot after his studies and at the moment his parents are unemployed ,his mother is a tailor .

Alinur Mohammed team managed to donate some food stuffs and he paid 3 months token for the family .

These are some of the other photos of the family as they receive the food stuffs.

Also alinur Mohammed has today managed to meet sande mayia ,alias mtumba guy in hurlingham ,he offered to pay him a hokiday vacation to a destination of his choice and he says also he will pay 6 months for rent before he settle .

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