Cars are no longer safe hijacked Mercedes-Benz C63s

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The current years vehicles had been stolen and hijacked, last week this vehicle on the picture was hijacked Mercedes-Benz C63s.

According to the information given the vehicle was hijacked from the owner last week by 3 suspect, the victim was abducted at the hijacked day.

The victim reported the incident last week and invited the Tactical and Tshenolo Privete investigation, attended to the call of the victim immediately. In the recent days the security company had been helpful in recovery stolen and hijacked vehicle.

The vehicle was recovered days after few days after the security company was invited, the victim would like to appreciate in the recovery of their hijacked car that had confirmed that had no tracking device.

The vehicle was recovered in Lotus Gardens special thanks to TrackersSA, vision Tactical and Tshenolo Privete investigators for the awesome recovery of the vehicle.

The victim had not hope in getting his vehicle back after it was hijacked last week and it took them a few days to locate it, it is a frightening situation for the owner to think about your vehicle to be unknown of it location.

The 3 teams worked together in recovery of the vehicle unfortunately no arrest made yet, but the SAPS urge to join in the search of the suspect responsible for the hijacking.

It is alleged that the car was hijacked by a gang that transport the cars to Mozambique after hijacking, yet they are not yet known the SAPS will investigate based on the information they have to locate the suspects.

To put the end to the crimes the suspects needs to account for their crimes immediately, it is good enough that the private companies were able to recover the car now what is left is to bust the suspect to put an end to their crimes.

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