PHOTOS: Venda is filthy rich, Take a look at luxurious Houses in the villages of Venda

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Most people who have never been there believe, incorrectly, that Limpopo is one of South Africa's poorest provinces. Many people have the false impression that Limpopo is populated entirely by people living in mud huts and sharks. For the most part, this was founded on the fact that the place is remote and deep in the woods.

Visitors to Limpopo have said they previously ignored the province because they thought it was impoverished, but that they now know they were mistaken.

Limpopo Province is found in the northernmost part of South Africa. These mud huts are as unusual as they get in this region of the province. When compared to other provinces, almost everyone in this province has access to an appropriate housing option. People in the province are known to construct state-of-the-art, luxurious homes for themselves and their families. As a result, people in Venda compete with one another to see who can build the most impressive and luxurious palaces.

People in Venda consider themselves to be "poor" if their home doesn't include at least seven rooms, and they will go to considerable lengths to build one. The area's landscape has been completely transformed by the construction of a large number of high-end homes. When it comes to creating better housing for themselves and their families, even prominent politicians have acknowledged that Venda is the undisputed victor.

It stands to reason that individuals who would make fun of or criticize Venda are unlikely to have ever visited the region. Given its size, Limpopo is home to a disproportionate number of South Africans with advanced degrees and a large concentration of the country's professional elite. In contrast to the situation in other South African provinces, where the construction of adequate housing is frequent even in the most isolated villages and settlements.

The author has created a list of the most beautiful homes in the Venda community for your perusal.

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