People Think Masechaba Is Lying About JubJub R@ping her

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On her video, while uncovering JubJub, Amanda contacted different survivors of who experienced in the possession of this man to come out and report him. There has been various ladies who sent her messages, nonetheless, there are other people who disclosed it.

Going to that MacG meet was not a particularly extraordinary move for him. All that has been self-destructing since the meeting. The man had recently recaptured prevalence in the wake of spending time in jail in jail for killing youngsters in a medication race.

Masechaba Khumalo, who has pulled back from the spotlight, and is presently a representative to the Minister of Department of Sports, Arts and Culture, has excessively ventured forward and says she also was r@ped by JubJub. She tweeted that, very much like Amanda, she also was as yet a vlrgin, and he r@ped her in his mom's home.

Be that as it may, some have approached on twitter, and they are saying they don't accept Masechaba's r@pe story. They say this is on the grounds that she is saying JubJub r@ped her when she was still vlrgin, while she has recently came out prior to saying her progression father r@ped her when she was 9 years of age.

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