[Opinion] Igbo Elders Should Try To Bring Up Ways To Face The Insurgency In The South East

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The insurgency rising in the South Eastern region of Nigeria is not a new thing as almost everyone is aware. To prevent large number of casualties in the future, something needs to be done, but what'd you think should be done?

For a long time now, residents staying in the South Eastern part of Nigeria has been facing large criminal activities because of the rise of many groups like the ESN, IPOB, and some unknown gunmen.

These unknown gunmen are known for the way they do attack communities in the South Eastern part of Nigeria and take their money, goods, and even kill people sometimes. Their attacks seem to be getting out of hand.

These unknown gunmen are even known for the way they do attack police stations from time to time, killing police officers and even burning the police station sometimes. The Igbos need to find ways to stop these insurgents.

If these insurgents are not stopped anytime soon, and they manage to gain more power in the South Eastern region of Nigeria, loss of lives and properties might become rampant in Igbo land.

Recently, the federal government declared South East as a red zone because of the high level of insecurity there, so it is up to the elders and governors in their communities and states respectively to solve the issues.

The elders in the communities should come together and think of ways with which they can stop the activities of insurgents in the South East. At this point, the experienced planning of the elders is needed.

The elders in these communities should try to track these unknown gunmen to their hideouts, and also try to track those sponsoring these gunmen with weapons, ammunition, money and food.

Other Nigerians should try to pray for those struggling with insurgency in their states and communities. With love, Nigeria problems might be defeated.

What do you think?

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