Office talk will not solve our problem of illegal immigrants, here is what can help us. Opinion

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Enough is enough about illegal immigrants in our country, is about time we stand up and take action against illegal immigrants.

We tried to give our government a chance to deal with this in their procedures of office talk but it seems like they are failing, they just don't want to admit that they can't handle this. Is about time now we take this to street talk because office talk is not helping.

We heard enough about these illegal Foreigners selling drugs, expired and fake goods to our people. Our country is mixed up, every day we hear sad stories about hijacking, robbery, and murders. These foreigners even managed to influence our youth to use them at their dirty works.

Now is the time that every province should gather and start the street talk, chasing foreigners in their province. We are not going to hurt them if they are corporate, but if they are not then we will take it from there and see how we deal with them. We must talk with our taxi associations to take this person to their nearest airport and the government should take it from thereby making sure that these people leave our country, if they come back there must be consequences.

This thing is affecting me and you, if we say we wait for our authorities to take action on this, it will take years because they're not the ones suffering. They don't buy in local shops and their children don't go to public schools or hospitals. We are the ones suffering, we must set one hard example to these foreigners to show that we mean it when saying no illegal immigrants in our country.

We don't hate our fellow Africans, we just want to fix our country by finishing high crimes with no identities. If they want to at our country they must come properly with right procedures.

The time is now South Africans, let's show strength. Share other ways that you think we could use to help us chase foreigners back to their countries. We are not being violent we just save our beloved country.

What is your view about this? Leave your comments below fellow citizens.

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