Signs that you are spiritual gifted person

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I am as sick as I have since has signs that I am spiritual gifted person.right now. If by any chance you are experiencing these symptoms, just know you are not ALONE

Current spiritual ascension symptoms; 

•Flu like symptoms.

•Mental confusion, mental cloudiness, brain fog, lack of clarity. 

•Going back and forth from feeling feverish one minute, then completely fine. 

•Feeling your body heat up from inside. 

•Body/joint aches. 

•Tired/heavy eyes. 

•Heavy legs. 

•Feeling restless. 

•Feeling sleepy one minute and can’t sleep the next minute. 

•Heightened intuition 

•You will find your gifts are being taken up a higher level. 

•Ringing ears. 

•Nausea, anxiety, headaches, mood swings.

•Feeling bloated. 

•Feeling disconnected. 

•Light pressure in your chest as you reconnect to your heart. 

•Highly sensitive to bright light and loud sound.

•Tingling, pinpricks, and various weird sensations in different body parts.

•Sudden changes in appetite and food habits. 

•Overly emotional feelings such as extreme anger, laughter or crying.

•Intense frustration, sadness, rage, short temper, and impatience.

•May feel emotionally detached from family and friends.

•There is a longing to go back home, but you do not know where it is.

•Sudden loss of self-identity.

•Strong intuition of something different is about to happen.

•Difficulty in concentration.

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