UTV's Yaa Konama Descends Heavily On Government Over Power Outages


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Co-host of United Television's morning show, Maama Yaa Konama has descended heavily on government over the recent unannounced power outages in the country.

Speaking today on her show, Maame Yaa Konama charged the government to fix the problem and stop giving excuses. "Don't your lights go off? The justifications by GRIDCO, ECG and the Minister responsible for Energy that this power outages is not the Mahama kind of dumsor is sick. Fix the problem and don't justify it".

"Mahama wasn't given the opportunity to justify. What we want is light. How can lights go off at 6am and it is attributed to maintenance work? Are you telling us that all this while ECG and GRIDCO never carried out maintenance"?

"Today we are being told ECG will release a time table, another day it is maintenance work, we have excess power, we have money and so on. Your latest justifications that this is not Mahama's kind of dumsor is untenable. Look at the inconsistencies in your communique. Fix the problem and don't give us excuses. We will be at the receiving end of the insults from your footsoldiers but we will voice it out".

Ghanaians for about a month ago have been experiencing intermittent power outages which according to government is attributed to maintenance works and construction of new substations.

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Source: UTV

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