Every Now And Then, Your Wife Requires You To Be Her Boyfriend

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A few years ago, one of my brothers returned home to complain about his wife's unexpected shift in attitude. After hearing his side of the tale, I told him that the change had nothing to do with his wife. All the wife needed was a "boyfriend," I informed him. Hearing this, he became enraged and nearly struck me in the face. Later, he returned with a better grasp of what I was stating.

Women are always going to be women. Your wife is still the same girl you met a long time ago. Try to give her the "girlfriend treatment" you used to offer her in the past as much as possible. She can go get it elsewhere if she begins missing it. Make sure she doesn't receive it from anyone else.

Some guys believe their job is done once they can persuade her to marry them. It only gets worse after she begins to give birth. I am not suggesting that you should let your wife to date someone else; all I am suggesting is that you become her "new lover." Make sure the boyfriend treatment is renewed on a regular basis.

And please don't pretend you're too busy. You should be romantic to your wife despite the fact that you are the one working to put food on the table. They are men who are twice your age, but they still find time to spoil their wives. You can begin with the following suggestions.

 1. Keep buying clothes for her in the same way you did when you were dating. Make her appear attractive. When she dresses or puts on make-up, always compliment her.

2. If you're going to be away, make sure you call her at all times. Even if it's 5 times a day, don't get bored of phoning.

3. Don't stop spoiling your wife just because she's pregnant. Make her breakfast, embrace her all the time, and wrap her in your arms. Also, feed her.

4. Go on dates with her. Start toasting her all over again.

5. Arrange a surprise visit to her workplace.

6. Act as if you're a boyfriend and play with her.

If you have any other suggestions, please leave them in the comments area.

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