Sad: Check Out what was Found Inside a Grade 7 Learner's Bag in Kitso School.

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The South African young population is seriously faced with a whole lot of pressure in school, at home and within our society. This ranges from peer pressure, societal pressure and that of family.

Who would have believed that one day primary school pupils will indulge in drug abuse. This is the sad reality in most primary and secondary schools across the country.

Just recently, Faith Mazibuko went to Kitso Primary school situated in Evaton with her team to lecture students on safety. She met the surprise of her life when one of the teachers showed her a mixture found inside the bag of a grade 7 learner.

The mixture contained allegex often consumed by students to get high.

This is just one out of the many unreported incidents of drug abuse happening across the nation.

Mrs Faith Mazibuko admonished parents to pay closer attention to their wards and guard them against consuming substances.

According to Faith Mazibuko's statement on Twitter:

"When we arrived at Kitso Primary school in Evaton this morning, to adress school safety issues, teachers showed us a mixture of allergex they found on a grade 7 learner.

Our kids drink this mixture to get a high.

It is very dangerous, please guard against kids using it."

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