Ring Of Lies Actress Slindile With her Tattoos

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Here is a South African actress in real life with her tattoos

Her real name Dineo Nchabeleng she was born and raised in Soweto, Johannesburg year 31st May, 1992. Dineo is a South African actress best known by her stage name Sli from Rings of Lies, and on the show she is a friend of Gugu the girl who is dating her ex-boyfriend.

Dineo Nchabeleng in real life she has two tattoos in her body, all these tattoos were seen on social media when she posts and upload her pictures on social media. Dineo has black tattoo near her stomach and the other tattoo is on her right leg side which is also a huge black tattoo with long beautiful drawing art.

These are pictures of Dineo tattoos.

And you can also see yourself that it is her with her tattoos.

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