The man that says he is a "GOAT" is now swimming in dirty water


His name is Ay Poyoo and aside from getting endorsements in his nation of origin, Ghana, he is starting to pull in fans regionally following his comic song "I am a goat" which has since become an internet sensation. From the look of things, what's to come is splendid for the comic rapper as his fan base is expanding continuously.

I am beginning to wonder if humanity has lost its sanity because the kind of things that are trending these days online is really shocking and alarming. In this his video he is seen swimming in an unclean water.

After several months of disturbing the online world with his several parody plays, he is really getting extreme support from Ghanaians. Ay Poyoo is by all accounts causing a ripple effect as the internet's new sensation all over the region.

In the previous few weeks, a 30 seconds 'i am a goat' video cut in which he is seen rehearsing inside a studio became a web sensation in all edges of web-based networking and overwhelmed on whatsapp statuses of the most numerous users of the messaging platform.