"Ruto is The Only Leader Who Cares For Us" North Eastern Senator Says The Region Will Support The DP

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A section of leaders from North Eastern Region have maintained that they will be voting for Deputy President William Ruto in the August polls, and that nothing will make them change their decision.

According to a report by the Star, Garissa's nominated Senator Falhadha Iman said that the region will feel safe under Ruto's arms, and as the pastoral community, they are behind his bid.

She urged the grassroot leaders to popularize Ruto's bid, the bottom-up economic model and tell the residents that their interests will only be safeguarded in Ruto's presidency.

"Spread the hustler gospel, our bottom-up economic model and tell the people that their interests will be safeguarded under a DP Ruto presidency. Being a pastoralist himself, Dr Ruto will ensure that the sector is transformed and have people maximize their profits from livestock,"

Iman described Ruto as an honest and a caring leader, whose support has been seeing to not only to the Somali and the Muslim Community but also across the country.

She added that among all the leaders who have expressed their interests in the August presidential race, it is only the United Democratic Alliance party leader who understands the challenges they go through, and thus they will not sway in their decision of voting for him.

Her remarks comes few days after EALA MP Abdikadir Aden, and who is eyeing the Balambala Parliamentary seat under the UDA Party said the same, that North Eastern residents have hope in Ruto, and will confidently vote for him.

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