3 important reasons why aged-persons should sit in the sun more.


Hello fam,please welcome and follow for more.At first,whenever I see someone putting an aged in the sun,I felt it was cruel and a way of punishing them.During my routine howm visit,I found out that,most of these aged stay in the sun for hours because they dont have anyone to send them back Inside their rooms.

A lot of people are wondering how relevant it Is to sunbath.This practice is good for everyone but those who get immense benefits are the aged.The sun that rise early morning is full of vitamin D.Studies have shown that,vitamin D is an essential vitamin for the aged.when the Sun ray hit your skin,vitamin is produced and it goes a long way to;

1 Protect the aged against osteoarthritis and inflammation related to age.

2 Vitamin D improves memory and help fight memory loss and dementia among the aged.

3 Another important is to protect you against cancer and ulceration from lying down.

Absence of vitamin D can cause dementia, heart diseases and prostate cancer which are all diseases associated with the aged.Sun bathing isnt good for only aged but all ages as well.Thanks for reading.

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