3 Things You Probably Never Knew About Natural Hair Growth


We all know how interesting and equally frustrating Natural hair can be, well not everyone but precisely those whose hair is natural. Good thing about Natural hair is that it grows beautifully when taken good care of, when you know the right things to do, the right methods to follow and how to do it, natural hair needs strategy. Now the following are things you probably didn't know is essential for your natural hair grow

1. Deliberately use water on your hair all the time- Pertaining to this, you might wonder, what if I make my hair? You know definitely I can't pour water on my already plaited hair, well yes of course you can't do that, but then just like I wrote at the beginning, natural hair needs strategy, there is this strategy I use on my hair, I use a spray bottle to spray water on my hair instead of pouring a whole lots of water when my hair is plaited, that way it won't have any effect on the already plaited hair, you can try it too, pour water in a spray bottle and spray on your everyday if possible.

2. Be in love with your hair- Sounds funny right? Yeah its kind of funny but very necessary, be in love with your hair, cherish it, adore it, what is that being said about love again? When you love someone or something you take good care of them, you give, you pay attention, you speak good things towards them and all of that, now how do you give to your hair? Simple! Buy good natural hair products that will help in growing your hair, trust me its worth it, its good to use natural things to grow your hair, like coconut oil, sheer butter and the rest, but sometimes you ought to buy natural hair products too, like for example Cantu Natural hair products, the shampoo, the Gels, the sprays and the rest, take good care of your hair.

3. Do not risk your hair all in the name of fashion- you might be wondering what I mean by this, its simple, it means plait protective hairstyles! Do not plait styles that will demean your hair growth, protective hairstyles are very necessary if you want your hair to grow, styles like all back (not Ghana weaving) just simple all back, styles that won't have to be so tight. Besides you can plait all back and put on a cap ( weavon cap or that of braids) that's what most people do nowadays which really helps in hair growth, please take note of this.

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