4 Main Reasons Why Most Campus Students Are Depressed


Campus students are the most under looked lot of people unlike those in high school and primary where parents are still keen on their academics,interactions and health in general. A student in any Kenyan university enjoys the freedom of socializing freely with the opposite gender and engaging in social activities without supervision. This is because many campus students are mostly 18 years and above. They posses a national identity card which means that they are adults and can make decisions on their own. Depression looms in on this breed of students for many reasons. But the common ones are as follows:


In many Kenyan universities, students here have a boyfriend or girlfriend. Relationships are hyped so much. In these relationships, some have multiple sex partners while others just engage in casual sex with friends they call besties. 

These relationships are usually short-lived and may last as short as a two weeks or at most a semester long. Cheating happens when one individual is involved with another female or male behind the back of the lover. Usually, relationships do not end on a formal note. It happens that silent treatment and social media blocking are the tools at the disposal that come in handy for a campus student. These heart breaks cause pain, anguish, animosity and hatred. These factors form a good recipe for disaster- depression. 

2. Meager upkeep money 

Some students in universities come from humble backgrounds. They are sons and daughters of peasants. They are usually humble and soft spoken. They receive little money for food and rent. When this portion is depleted mid month the individual becomes withdrawn. He or she may try to reach out to their friends for help. For some they let their situation take over their minds. They start cursing the situation they are in, their parents and also their alleged fake friends for not coming through. The last resort after battling with low self esteem and depression, is suicide. Many cases have been reported almost 5 times a year of students commiting suicide for this reason.

3.Poor Academic grades 

Examinations are highly feared by a large portion of the campus students. The fear originates from the expectations their parents have for them to graduate and secure a job. The fear also comes about from the competition between individuals. When exams become tough, some cheat while others use their knowledge. In the event that the results are out and the grades in the student portal are poor, students become restless, moody, withdrawn and their self esteem levels shrink. They become depressed. 

4. Peer pressure from friends 

Peer pressure is a powerful force that dictates the lifestyle a comrade should have. The fashion sense, language, parties and relationships are some of the spheres influenced by peer pressure. When an individual fails to comply or conform to these standards, he or she becomes a source of ridicule. They are mocked, cut off and humiliated. This humiliation acts to dampen their spirits and mental health. Resultantly, they cave in to depression. 

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