Francisca Duncan Williams:After divorce, I now have 4 masters, doctorate, joy and fulfilling life.


Promoted as the 'Father of the Charismatic Movement' in Ghana, Archbishop Nicholas Duncan Williams and Mama Francisca Duncan Williams conjugal issues had gotten one of extreme public discussion. Dad, as he is lovingly called started his service, The Christian Action Faith Ministries, at the Airport Residential Area during the 1970s. The Ministry abruptly turned out to be mainstream with generally the working class in Ghana. 

It additionally turned into the favorable place for some different evangelists who set up houses of worship around the country and different pieces of the world and today, a large number of the main ministers in Ghana and surprisingly in some African adjoining nations like Benin, and so forth promise their strong profound loyalty to him, for learning under his tutelage. 

His Spintex Road hall known as the Prayer Cathedral has since gotten home for thousands, who cooperation there week by week, sitting under his effective service and lessons, in any case, Archbishop Duncan Williams' conjugal issues had begun in 2001, however the matter came out from the shadows around three years after the fact in 2005. 

He was hitched to Francisca for just about 26 years and they have four youngsters. The Archbishop had reported his conjugal misfortunes to his gathering at the Prayer Cathedral on the Spintex Road in these words: "As a significant number of you know, my better half and I separated in 2001. After much supplication and mentoring, I acknowledged her back with the arrangement that we would give ourselves an extra two years to make the marriage work. Rather than two years, we have stayed together for a very long time." 

"Tragically," he said, "the messed up bone isn't mending and the torment is expanding. After profound and determined thought, I am sorry to declare that it has gotten practical to head out in a different direction and to stay as sibling and sister in Christ. This has been an agonizing choice for me to make as of now." 

"I unequivocally have confidence in marriage and hold firm to my conviction that couples should expose their union with supplication and Christian mentoring and fumes all accessible methods for compromise. This is the thing that I have directed different couples in the congregation to do while encountering challenges and I am fulfilled that the standards of this conviction have additionally guided me." He added. 

A few endeavors were made by reports by a prestigious US Evangelist and companion of the Archbishop, T. D. Jakes and others to fix the marriage, however as things stood in the end, it implied they were fruitless and this opened up the Pandora box, that pulled in a few public talks on it and years after this, it is as yet a matter actually examined in specific quarters of Christendom in the country. 

Truth be told, most as of late Archbishop Nicholas Duncan Williams, the Presiding Archbishop and General Overseer of the Christian Action Faith Ministries (CAFM) had ended his long quietness on the conditions prompting his separation, when he had said, he wedded intentionally however he "knew nothing about the making up of marriage." 

In a video located on the web, that looked for Mama Francisca's perspectives after her separation among the couple of hers on the web, she is seen moving blissfully to the gospel hitz tune "God has given me the triumph" and making uncommon dance moves, she had shared how her account of attack, agonies, pity and public shame or some likeness thereof, has been transformed into an account of triumph, brilliance and magnificence. 

Indeed, since her separation, she has planted her own congregation which is Doxa Citadel, and DOXA is a Greek word, which really implies brilliance, obviously she is focused on making everything about her shows up for great. 

She describes how after her separation with the public Charismatic pioneer and figure, Archbishop Duncan Williams, she needed to conquer difficulties of self destruction. She was determined that, those were hard and troublesome minutes and she had such considerations, however made certain to have individuals around her. She additionally added that, in those miserable minutes, what exacerbated it was the way that, individuals you have raised, upheld and helped unexpectedly will betray you when you required their help most. 

Yet additionally said thanks to the couple of individuals in her day to day existence who were exceptionally steady of her during those tough situations. She had delighted these in a meeting she had with Oheneyere Gifty Anti during the later's show on The Standpoint here at https:

She had uncovered that, soon after her separation, she needed to leave Ghana for the USA, as the mistreatment she looked here was inordinate and difficult to bear. The media reports, bits of gossip she heard and what even those nearest to her said about here were disheartening and it made the as of now however circumstance difficult to bear isolated. 

So in the USA, she remained on for an entire eight (8) a long time and in her endeavors to go past this period of life, that she considers was a test, she chose to better herself. It was hence during this season that, she got taken a crack at a college and graduated interestingly with a Bachelors Degree. She didn't end there and proceeded to snatch a Masters Degree and roused by that accomplishment, she proceeded to get two more. 

Fire up. Dr. Francisca Duncan Williams has served the Lord in service for more than 30 years, as she presently holds a Masters certificate in Divinity (MDiv) from Bethany International in Singapore and three privileged Doctorate certificates from the Living Word Church, Baltimore, Maryland USA and TAPAC in the U.K and a Doctorate in Theological Studies from U.A.T. 

She just got back to Ghana after all these strong achievements. Concerning her call, the ex of the famous godly man uncovered that she was not a righteous woman before she wedded the minister and her most noteworthy test was even in talking in broad daylight and serving. 

As per her, she is the sort of person she is a direct result of her union with Archbishop Nicholas Duncan Williams. She said that the righteous man put some fire in her and made her a godly woman. Thus, she demonstrated that she owed an incredible obligation of appreciation to Archbishop Duncan Williams. 

She was appreciative to the service of the Papa of Christian confidence in Ghana and surprisingly however their marriage had been on the rocks, she concedes that, the blessing on Archbishop Duncan Williams had burglarized on her and today, she can serve capably too and see strong signs and ponders following her ministrations. 

She additionally accepted that, her experience in support of God even from youth may have been a portion of the premise, for which God was regarding her now. She had related how her mother had made their lobby accessible for chapel gatherings at their home at Teshie Nungua for a congregation that has now bloomed. She reviews how the admirers used to wear shoes to chapel and particularly when it down poured, they needed to do cleaning and regardless of al these, she presented with her entire existence. 

Today, aside her own service, she additionally likewise runs a philosophy school at her congregation and with that stage, she is raising the up and coming age of ministers, something she is generally enthusiastic about. Aside this likewise, she has the Mama Francisca Mentoring Network that arranges projects to motivate numerous ladies and any semblance of Oheneyere Gifty Anti and GTV's Selikem Akolatse, who have had individual learning encounters and have severally shared how they have been roused and tested by her service.