How Money and Poverty Has Ruined Many Relationships in This Pandemic


How Money and partying has killed many relationship.

Money, it’s the root of all evil or something like that. You can’t buy happiness with it, but you can’t live without it either. Among all of the quotes and sayings that have to do with money, one of the scariest facts about it is that it is one of the top reasons for divorce. Money kills marriages and it ruins relationships (including friendships). They say to never lend money to a friend unless you’re OK with never getting it back.

Nowadays, there's increased suicide rates globally, all these are attributed to relationship and the reason behind it is because of money.

You find our policemen shooting each other day and night in clubs because of love affairs but if you dig into the matter deeply all it's because of money , because you will find out that the partner of one them was going with the friend because of the money while the husband or the wife was away or busy building the nation .

I made a friend who was so bitter because her husband, who runs a wine and spirit business was broke and he couldn't cater for the family needs because of partying too much with women in the CBD. Especially around Sabina Joy where he spend all the hard-earned cash on beautiful women in short skirts who are always thirsty and hungry to prey for the their unsuspecting customers who frequency the place to quench they thirst.

Losing a friend over money may not be as traumatic as losing your spouse though. Money issues during your marriage and even those that one of you brings into the marriage can quickly break your union apart. The only way to ensure that money doesn’t ruin your nuptials is to always be open and honest about your income, your debts, and your spending habits. Here are a few things to do to keep money from breaking up your happy home.